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Omman Coffee Shop


Omman Coffee Shop

Collaboration with : Entrada Mimarlık

In the heart of Oman, we embarked on a unique cafe project, a harmonious fusion of the serene Wabi-Sabi style with modern influences. Our client wished an inviting space that balances tradition and contemporary elements. They sought to keep the seating minimal while prioritizing a social media backdrop.

We designed the entire café with backgrounds that are worthy of sharing. Every wall was thoughtfully crafted to entice customers to capture and share moments of their coffee indulgence. The essence of Wabi-Sabi found expression through a minimalist approach, complemented by a monochrome color palette.

With an intentional focus on shareable spaces and a limited number of tables, our design invites customers to relish their coffee, unwind, and create lasting memories, all while offering an aesthetically pleasing environment that encourages them to share their experiences with the world. This café is not just about coffee; it's about celebrating the beauty of simplicity in the modern age.

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